DFY Affiliate Campaigns - Build Your Lists & Earn Passive Commissions Without Selling Anything!

Plug-n-Play Affiliate Marketing Platform Builds Your Lists & Earns You Commissions On Complete Autopilot...Even If You Have No Experience, No List & No Website (it's all included and done-for-you!)

Revealed: The Revolutionary New Enterprise-Grade Affiliate Marketing Platform Developed To Build Your Lists And Generate MASSIVE Commissions From The Best Selling Digital & Physical Products On Autopilot... (Watch the video below and get 8 ready made, high converting affiliate funnels  with guaranteed approval!)

We've packed 12 years of SaaS development experience, 100s of product launches (multiple 7-figures), 100s of affiliate promotions (multiple 6-figures) into the easiest to use Affiliate Marketing platform that will disrupt the Affiliate Industry forever.

Affiliate Funnels MULTI Edition Lets You Promote The Highest Converting Products From The Major Marketplaces In Just A Few Clicks!

Demo Video:How It Works

This platform is so simple and so effective, even my kids can use it. So I won't waste your time with boring salesy pitch, just check our unprecedented set of features. We've packed everything we know in SaaS and Digital marketing into the easiest and most effective Affiliate Solution ever created. It's not just that we've done all the work for you, we've done the work that probably 99.99% of marketers using this platform could not have ever done on their own. And the following is what happens when you combine the power of Technology with Digital Marketing expertise to help you succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

Multi-Media Funnels

All our funnels are designed and produced using multi-media technologies. You will get funnels using text, images, audio or video based on the products and your traffic source (scroll down for some demos). This gives you the flexibility to match the funnel to your traffic and make sure it always converts well!

Multi-Media Funnels

As you know, you can't rely on just 1 touch point to convert people. Our funnels have multi-channel capabilities (if this sounds like greek to you, we'll show you examples below) so your visitors can use email (of course), but also sms / text messages, Messengers to get in touch with you.

Multi-Media Funnels

An offer can solve different problems for different group of people. Our funnels are behavioral based and were designed to offer solutions to different problems. You will find some of our funnels have multiple variations to offer a different solution to your prospects! It's the secret sauce 6-figures CPA marketers use each and every day!

Native Autoresponder & Marketing Automation Integrations

We also virtually integrate with any autoresponder as well: you only need to have an optin form HTML code and we take it from there!

18 Proven-To-Convert Affiliate Funnels For Free!

When you join today, you'll get access to 18 Affiliate Funnels and Campaigns loaded into your account with guaranteed approval. All promoting digital products with proven track record and high conversion rates. Plus you'll be approved to promote these products (guaranteed approval)

Get Ready In 15 Seconds

Nothing to download, nothing to install. You just enter your affiliate IDs (from JVZoo for example) in the Settings. You then pick a funnel / an offer you want to promote and our engine will customize it with your affiliate link in just a few seconds. You click "Get Funnel Link" and you're ready to go in less than 15 seconds. And on top of that our engine will send the leads to your autoresponder (see below)!

Build YOUR OWN Responsive Lists

With the click of a button, you connect AffiliateFunnels to your autoresponder and you start collecting leads instantly. All your leads are also stored in your account if you want to export them later (in case you don't have an autoresponder yet). We natively work with the best email marketing systems, and we keep adding more. We also integrate with Zapier so you can connect with all the tools on the market. Or you can simply paste your optin HTML code and we take it from there...Of course you can associate each Funnel you create with a different list (and even multiple lists). 

We hate it when someone keeps our leads and market to them, don't you?

With Affiliate Funnels, all your leads are YOURS to keep and remain in YOUR account. Your list is your main asset and it SHOULD always be yours. With Affiliate Funnels, you collect leads, and they are securely stored in your account!

Messenger Ready: Let Facebook Do The Work!

1.3 bn messenger users can't be wrong. 65% of FB users use Messenger on a monthly basis. You can't ignore it, and you must use it in your funnels. Which is why we provide funnels with a direct integration to your page Messenger so that you can remove all friction and use the channel your prospects are already using. They're waiting for you in there and with Affiliate Funnels, you have direct access to them! And it's all automated (your visitors will automatically receive the link to your offer! (we'll show you how of course)

No Restrictions - More Commissions

Whether you're new to affiliate marketing or a 6-figure affiliate veteran, we will match your needs. You can send unlimited traffic to your Affiliate Funnels. There's no limit or monthly quota. We're using world class cloud servers on Amazon that can scale on demand so you never have to worry about anything technical. We just have a fair use policy and we do not accept bot clicks, or similar high volume useless traffic sources

Many Opportunities To Profit

We provide ready made funnels in many different niches so you can diversify your income streams and find real winners. Internet Marketing is great, but there's also so much potential in niches such as: Survivalism, Health & Fitness, Finance, Real Estate, Hobbies, Photography, Self Improvement, Personal Development, Woodworking...whatever you're into or want to promote, we got you covered!

Proven Money Makers

We hand pick the best selling digital products on CLIKCBANK so you don't have to guess what to promote. Our funnels are optimized to promote these offers with the push of a button.

Free Plus Shipping E-Commerce Offers For Increased Conversions

Physical products are selling like hot cakes, especially those using the Free + Shipping business model. You promote a product people can get for free (they only pay for shipping) and you make money on all the upsells! And you also make money on the shipping. We've created some amazing video funnels for this purpose to boost your conversion rates on these physical products. 

High Retention Rate Video Landing Pages

People love to watch videos. Is it any wonder why Youtube and Facebook are competing for your videos? We've designed fully based video funnels to engage with your audience and drive conversions through the roof. Our videos are not salesly, they frame the problem and what kind of solutions can be found. They then ask for the click or the optin based on the landing page objective (redirect or collect leads, your choice)

Revolutionary Audio Landing Pages

What if you could greet your visitors with a nice audio message that will play when they reach your funnel? It creates rapport, sets the stage instantly and put them in good mood. Why is it useful? Well, don't you prefer hanging out with someone friendly, polite and caring, or with someone rude asking you to buy his stuff right away? (click the link below for the demo: you will see a mic icon on the top right)

Conversion Boosting: Delayed Call-To-Action

In some cases, you only want people to watch the video or read the copy and not be distracted by the call-to-action asking them to click or signup. We've designed funnels where the call-to-action and optin forms are hidden and only appear when your visitors are ready to take action! It's another behavioral conversion boosting feature Affiliate Funnels offer, right off the bat! Click the button below to see a demo (for the sake of this demo, button appears after 5 seconds) 

Commission Boosting: Triggered Optin Forms

Do you know that even a small commitment can make a huge difference to your bottom line. If you ask too much right away (a name and an email), sometimes, it can put people off and they will leave. The smallest commitment could be as simple and easy for your visitor as clicking on a button (Learn more for example). With our technology, when someone clicks on this button, it will then display the optin form. And since they already commited to a click, most of the time, they will fill the optin form!

Turn Visitors Into Rabid Buyers With Multi-Steps Funnels

The warmer your visitors are, the more likely they are to convert on the offer you're promoting. Sometimes, they need more time and more attention. That's the purpose of a Multi-Step Pre-Selling funnel. You're not just sending people to your optin page. Once they join your list, they are redirected to a 2nd page, delivering more content, educating them on the offer and thus pre-selling it for you! This is a highly effective weapon that can 3x your sales.

Google Proof Pages - Free!

We host all your funnels on our highly secured servers (powered by Amazon AWS Cloud Solutions), and they come with an SSL certificate as well. It gives credibility to your funnels and makes you look like a super hero in the eyes of your prospects.

Your Ass Covered

It's always a good practice to add a privacy page to your optin page, especially when using Facebook or Google to get traffic. Your funnels all come loaded with a privacy page so you don't have to worry about any issue when asking and collecting information from your visitors 

Track Your Results Like A Pro

When you join today, you'll get access to 18 Affiliate Funnels and Campaigns loaded into your account with guaranteed approval. All promoting digital products with proven track record and high conversion rates. Plus you'll be approved to promote these products (guaranteed approval)

Eagles View - Master Everything

We track the performance of each one of your Affiliate Funnels the number of visitors, click-through rates, conversion rates. But we don't stop there. We tell you which country converts the best, what are your best traffic sources, your best ads and channels so you don't have to guess and you can focus on making more money.

Make Money Even When People Leave Your Funnel!

Your funnels have a traffic regeneration engine built-in to make sure people do not leave your funnels before they take action. We re-target them instantly when we detect they want to leave your page with an offer they can't refuse carrying your affiliate links. A great way to improve your bottom line and to earn more from your funnels.

Money Never Sleeps

When we re-target your visitors we show them an automatically optimized offer based on what is converting the best in our network in the niche you're promoting. This is a HUGE feature as we do all the optimization for you picking the right offer to put in front of your audience at the right time, and based on what we know converts. This is what our machine learning Recommendation Engine can do for you and on autopilot. More hands free conversions and sales for you.

Control & Flexibility

Although we handpick the best selling offers in different niches for you, you still have the freedom to pick a different offer (we do suggest many alternatives as well to eliminate some of the grunt work on your end), and promote it using your Affiliate Funnels. Or you might want to redirect your prospects to your Bonus page. We know some want this flexibility and we're happy to help you as much as we can to achieve your goals.

Build Multiple Lists At Once: Routing Technology

Say you want to add leads to your autoresponder AND also subscribe them to your Gotowebinar or Everwebinar session. You can do so without any extra work. Our multi-routing technology allows you to send your leads to multiple services at once. Up to 8 routes can be combined (as of writing)!

Increase Optin Rate & Engagement

Let's face it, the average conversion rate on an optin form is in the 25-45% range. We've developed a 1-click Optin technology that pre-populates your optin form with your visitors' email address, increases the conversion rate by up to 70-75% and end the bogus / fake email syndrom forever. All your funnels are equipped with this technology and we will show you how to make the best use of it. (when you click the demo button below, the optin form will already be pre-populated)

Use Everywhere

Although we provide a 1-click complete process and we host, maintain and optimize the funnels for you, you may want to download the funnel to install them on your own server or domain. Well you can do so easily, simply click the "Export" icon and you will receive your funnel ready to be uploaded. And all the tracking and amazing features we have will still be working!

Unlimited Instances Of Any Funnel

Your account comes with 30 ready-made funnels. Each funnel will suggest an offer to promote. But what if you want to test the same funnel with a different offer? It's simple. We allow you to create unlimited instances of any funnel available in your account. So you can re-use the same funnel over and over as you see fit.

Let People Send You Traffic And Commissions!

Build viral campaigns and let your subscribers drive all the traffic for you and generate even more passive commissions. This integration works with the leading Viral Campaign builder: Perkzilla!

Adapt Your Funnels To Your Traffic With 1 Click

Sometimes, you don't want to collect leads and have an optin form on your landing page. With Affiliate Funnels, we've made it easy to switch from Optin Funnel to what we call Click-Through Funnel where your visitors just have to click on the call-to-action link to go to the next step of the funnel. Each funnel comes with this handy and powerful feature. Since you have unlimited Funnel Instances, you can play with this feature as much as you want!

All These Features Packed Into The Easiest To Use Plug-n-Play Platform

Simple and Easy to use do not mean it's not highly performing and effective. Just entering your affiliate IDs, selecting a funnel, chosing the list you want to add your leads to ACTIVATES all the above features.

All These Features Packed Into The Easiest To Use Plug-n-Play Platform

Simple and Easy to use do not mean it's not highly performing and effective. Just entering your affiliate IDs, selecting a funnel, chosing the list you want to add your leads to ACTIVATES all the above features.

Stephen Fenech

Digital Marketing

"I can only say good things... super easy to setup, intuitive interface... Everything is setup with a click of a button. Thanks for this great product. Keep up the good work!"

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"It's a wonderful program to start Internet business..!!"

Get These Affiliate Funnels Today

When you join today, you'll get unrestricted access to the following carefully selected Affiliate Funnels (useful, evergreen and high converting products). 

Free Traffic Masterclass - Webinar Funnel promoting a video coaching program

iFunnels - Brand new page builder. Very high converting offer

Instaffiliate angle - DFY Products, sales,support - Perfect for new marketers

Affiliate Funnels - Alternative Optin Page (50% optin rate). Promoting the $1 trial offer

Affiliate Funnels - Video Screenshot - Promote Affiliate Funnels the easy way

Lead Funnels - Video Course Funnel with Audio landing page funnel (all done for you)

Instaffiliate - 2 Steps Funnels - audio landing page redirects to a pre-selling page which redirects to the offer page. 

DFY Affiliate 
marketing systems: Instaffiliate

Loophole Campaign.

DFY Video Agency -
Perfect for internet service marketers
- Best seller

Voicebuddy - natural sounding voice overs from text.
Very high converting IM product

Outreachr Pro - Create quizzes, polls, surveys, etc. in MINUTES & instantly increase your user engagement & conversion - JVzoo best seller

Thumbnail Blaster -
Get More Views from your videos

Local One - Automated local clients and sales. Perfect for offline local marketers

DesignBundle - 10 Design Software Bundled, a huge time saver for every business owner 

TVBoss Fire, Your own TV Channel - This will convert well in most niches

ChatterPal, Interactive 3D Avatars with AI to boost sales - this software will convert with targeted traffic

Sqribble - 
Create ebooks in 60 seconds or less


Our Pricing Plan Is Simple:
Pay $0 Today, Test Drive Affiliate Funnels For Free During 7 days! Then $9/month (cancel at any time)

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Kickstart Webinar & 

However simple this SaaS is to use, we still want to deliver the best onboarding experience. When you join today, you'll get access to our Live* kickstart webinar. We will cover everything you need to know to start using Affiliate Funnels right away. If you can't make it, you'll get access to the replay. And you can always access our training center or ask our success agents to help you right from within the platform (no email or old school help desk, but onsite support widget)

Bonus #1: Intensive 3-Week Traffic Generation Training Program (official retail value: $97)

5 Workshops, over 4 hours of training teaching you how to easily generate FREE traffic to your funnels on demand

Bonus #2: Affiliate Funnels Campaign (or how to easily promote Affiliate Funnels with a ready made campaign)

Access our exclusive campaign promoting Affiliate Funnels (with our high pre-selling video included)

Bonus #3: "Lead Funnels" Funnel (4-step video course & case study funnel)

Promote this best selling SaaS Platform (Lead & ROI generation platform) using a Video Course / Case Study 4-step funnel (optin page, 2 training videos, offer page) all automated for you. Simply enter your affiliate Id and your traffic will be tracked through this 4-step funnel guaranteed (your links are hardcoded throughout the whole funnel)

Bonus #4: Stay Fresh - 1 New Funnel Every Week During 10 Weeks!

Yep, even if this offer is a no brainer, our team will make sure you remember this purchase for the rest of your life :-) Joke aside, we'll add a new Affiliate Funnel to your account each and every week during the next 10 weeks . We will pick a best selling product during that week and create a new funnel just for you...that's how cool we are! (based on when you join these 10 bonus funnels might already be loaded into your account!

Bonus #5: 1 Access To The Affiliate Funnels Facebook Group!

Share ideas, strategies and tactics to generate more leads and earn more commissions using Affiliate Funnels. Suggest new features and interact with like minded affiliate marketers

Bonus #6: Interview with a 7-figure Clickbank Affiliate!

James started his journey with Affiliate Marketing a few months ago. He made 6 figures in 4 weeks and more than 2 millions in 4 months. Learn how he is using funnels to generate sometimes 6 figures in a day, working only 30 minutes a day!

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